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Building a Better Salesforce

Michael P. Boland

mboland“ I believe in helping people find purpose and achieve performance in their professional lives by accomplishing things they never envisioned possible. When personal and organizational goals are aligned, anything becomes possible.”
Michael P. Boland

Michael Boland is a business consultant and sales advisor to domestic and international organizations on a wide variety of sales, organizational and leadership issues. His strength is in his ability to tackle issues, open minds and convert problems into opportunities. He distills complex issues into workable solutions, defining for all players the current scenario, the desired outcome, and a strategy for achieving it. Michael moves people and companies from inertia to a focused path and measurable success. Merging over 30 years of experience with best current thinking, he drives and enacts positive change, and instills belief systems that convert challenges into achievements.


  • A keynote speaker at national and international business events
  • Provides a powerful delivery with proven processes on sales, sales coaching, leadership and management, driving the audience to take action
  • Humorously shares his personal winning strategies on sales, leadership and life


  • Inventor—Patent for the aluminum finish on the Sears Tower, Chicago— Alcoa R&D (1973)
  • Business Unit Manager of Spectra Physics Construction Lasers, with world wide responsibility for Product and Distribution
  • Co-Author—Partnered with Keith Hawk, Senior Vice President of Sales, LexisNexis, in writing Get-Real Selling (now in its second printing)
  • Co-Author—Partnered with Fr. Lester Knoll, Spiritual Director for the Capuchin Formation Program, Borromeo Seminary, in writing Looking Over His Shoulder
  • Veteran—United States Army
  • Advisor—Served on the board of several companies in the U.S.
  • Consultant—Served as an advisor to the Council of Catholic Bishops in the U.S. regarding leadership and team development for the Catholic Leadership Institute
  • Cancer Survivor—Since 1986


  • Married to Emilee, for a lifetime
  • Four daughters and 12 grandchildren
  • Active in his church and community
  • Past Board President and Chair Emeritus, Dayton Right To Life
  • Board Advisor, The Human Family Research Center

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